Nagambie golf notes

By Seymour Telegraph

We're back.

After a long, forced break due to the COVID-19 isolation restrictions, golf is back on the agenda.

First of all this would not be possible if it wasn't for all the volunteers who diligently kept working on the course, while strictly adhering to all the safe distancing rules.

If it was not for all the people behind the scenes, we would not be out there playing as soon as the restrictions had been eased.

Thank you.

We must also spare a thought for the committee members who had to plough through document after document and update after update and set in place the new changed playing rules and conditions.

Our game changes in accordance with strict social distancing rules as determined by both the Federal and Victorian governments. But, we're back, doing what we love to do.

In compliance with new rules, competition began last Wednesday. Although the weather was cold, wet and dull, it did not dampen the the spirits of seven players (at this stage men and women are welcome at all club competitions) who had booked in to resume playing.

Jeremy Ezard was the winner for the day with 33 points.

On Thursday, in much nicer conditions, we had 20 players registered to play. The winner was Shaun Bryant with 17 points.

Because of the new regulations which are subject to change with any updates, all golfers who wish to play must pre-book with one of the committee members.

At this stage competition days are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.