Ryding high on election night

Election night party: The Cush Ryder Band is coming to Seymour. Photo by Contributed

Cush Ryder isn’t disappointed by his election night clash at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Seymour.

“The only party I’m interested in is the one at the bar,” he said.

The Cush Ryder Band frontman is clearly thrilled about playing in Seymour.

“Nothing beats playing in front of a live crowd,” Ryder said.

“When the people are singing back our own songs to the band, and just that Saturday night feeling ... I've craved that since playing my first guitar in high school.“

Ryder describes the band’s style as a hybrid between Lynyrd Skynryrd and Keith Urban, and the band is promising to bring a lot of energy to the Prince.

“There's a bit of traditional country in there as well, but it's a fresh sounding country rock brought out of the United States that I just love and always play,” hesaid.

“It's fresh, it's upbeat and it's definitely for Saturday night.”

Pub-goers who are looking for a distraction can expect a mixture of tunes.

“We play our own songs. We're throwing in a few covers as well, pub classics, but really it's the showcase, the music, the new country rock music of the band,” Ryder said.

The Melbourne-based band came together during the COVID-19 pandemic-enforced lockdowns and Ryder is delighted by how easily the members have gelled.

“So, it started from the lounge room during lockdowns. We started recording as well. Putting up a website, getting some things out on to Facebook and then the gigs started coming in pretty much straight away,” he said.

“It's a COVID baby.”

The Cush Ryder Band plays at The Prince of Wales Hotel in Seymour on Saturday, May 21 from 8.30PM. Tickets are available online.