No more fines at Mitchell Shire libraries

Have you got on old library book hiding in your bookshelf that you have forgotten to return?

Or maybe you’re concerned about receiving a fine?

Mitchell Shire Library Service is removing fines for all overdue items, including those already on your library card.

A core principal of public libraries is to provide free and universal access to information.

Library fines undermine this principal and can create a barrier to members of the community using our libraries.

Until now, once a fine was incurred and remained outstanding, library customers were unable to borrow until the fine was either paid or cleared by staff.

Mitchell Shire Library Service has about 15,000 members, about 9000 of whom have borrowed an item in the past 12 months.

Council hopes the removal of fines will encourage people to visit Mitchell Shire’s libraries.

Mitchell Shire Mayor Rhonda Sanderson said council realised overdue library fines were not popular and may have kept people away.

“Our libraries are a great place to meet people and enjoy activities you may not otherwise be able to access,” she said.

“We have a range of activities, programs, resources and spaces to suit many different needs at our libraries and customer service centres.

“To assist library members to return items in a timely manner, borrowers will receive additional communications reminding them when items are due to be returned.”

Automatic renewals will be implemented to assist in preventing items becoming overdue.

Fees for lost or damaged items will still be in place to ensure library collections are maintained.

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