Mary Greenshields turns 70

By David Rak

Mary Greenshields celebrated her 70th birthday on Monday.

Mary taught for many years at Sacred Heart, which became St Mary’s College, until she retired, and has been a member of the Seymour Rotary Club for decades, including holding the role of president.

She has been a member of the Anglican Parish of Central Goulburn Mother’s Union for 48 years. She joined in 1972 at Corryong church when she was the young wife of Reverend Alen Greenshields.

The couple lived at Daisyburn, just outside of Seymour, and raised a family on a farm.

Reverend Alen was also an army, CFA and police chaplain for many years until his death in 2002.

Mary has been a faithful churchgoer all her life. When Alen was priest at St Paul’s Avenel for 16 years, Mary was the organist and their children Katherine and James were servers.

Mary also played the organ for many years at Christ Church Seymour but has recently retired from doing that.

She loves spending time with her family, especially her four grandchildren.

Her fondest memories of the Mother’s Union include receiving her 40-year certificate of long service at the Wangaratta Cathedral from Bishop John Parkes, and hosting her branch and guests at its 60th birthday last June in the Christ Church hall.

Mary is always willing to lend a helping hand and has assisted with many school, Agricultural and Pastoral Society, church, deb balls, community and social events through the years.

She is well respected by many in our community.

Happy birthday, Mary Greenshields, from your community.

By Diane Grant