Bombers wound Lions, again

By Meg Saultry

The first time Seymour and Echuca played, the Murray Bombers pipped the Lions by a point.

And on Saturday, they took the points again, this time besting the Lions by eight goals.

In a high-intensity game, both teams went goal for goal to start the match, with the Lions’ defenders applying plenty of pressure.

A physical second quarter saw both sides trying to gain possession from the occasional loose ball, but it was Echuca who maintained composure, with the Lions unable to keep up with their opposition’s intensity.

With the Murray Bombers six goals ahead in the second half, the visitors’ midcourt continually pressured the Lions to make errors, giving them the jump in the third quarter.

And in a low-scoring final quarter, defenders at both ends of the court worked tirelessly to rebound, though neither side was able to convert strongly.

Seymour coach Elle McDonald came back into the side and made an immediate impact, after her winning season with the Victorian Fury, defender Sarah Szcykulski was again in good touch, while Sarah Douglas also impressed.

Seymour continues to hold its precarious spot in second place in the Goulburn Valley league, with the top six incredibly tight, though with seventh-placed Rochester sitting outside the six by three wins, the Lions are still likely to feature in finals action.

The Lions will play Benalla after the bye, a team they beat by 18 goals in round 3.

Final score: Seymour (32) def by Echuca (40)


Seymour 5-6-8-7 (26) to Echuca 13-11-9-11 (44)

Echuca took a strong opening lead of 7-0 before the Lions dug deep to finish 5-13 at the first break.

The Lions defenders worked hard but the Echuca goal shooter was not missing.

It was a physical contest in the goal rings and an evenly contested third quarter with neither side dominating.

It was a tough final quarter with the Lions unable to make any ground.

Echuca played fierce netball all day.

The Seymour Leading Edge Jewellers award went to Lucy Zotti and the Café 96 award to Andrea Mckenzie.


Seymour 9-6-11-7 (33) to Echuca 4-8-6-6 (24)

Defensive pressure from Chloe Symons and Sarah Waite created turnovers early in the game to give the Lions a five-goal lead.

Neither side could take control due to the pressure in the mid court in the second quarter.

Momentum was with the Lions for the third quarter with Georgia Velt and Virginia Morgan controlling the play and feeding to the shooters who made position well.

The final quarter was back and forth but the Lions held on to win by nine goals.

Best players were Georgia Velt, Kira Nelson and Annika Sutherland.

The only winners of the day at the netball court.


Seymour 8-8-10-10 (36) to Echuca 6-8-13-9 (36)

It was a tight first half of netball with Seymour holding a two-goal lead at half time.

Echuca came out firing in the third quarter and took a three-goal lead while the Lions were unable to settle to their game.

The Lions settled into the last quarter and took back control gaining a three goal lead with only minutes to go.

Echuca capitalised on errors made by the lions to score three goals in 90 seconds to draw the match.

Best players were Oliva Barry, Rani Curry and Ruby Martin.


Seymour 5-4-6-5 (20) to Echuca 16-17-13-13 (59)

Imogen Cafasso worked tirelessly all game and was a stand out for the Lions.

She provided constant effort in an extremely difficult game.

The Lions stood in the shadows as the Bomber’s pressure and teamwork overpowered a startled Lions line-up.

The McDonald’s award went to Imogen Cafasso.