Seymour juniors football

By Seymour Telegraph

St Mary’s


McDonald’s awards: Lucy Sullivan and Ben Brown.

Bakers Delight award: Jayden Trodd.

St Mary’s club award: Harry Homewood and Finn Melville.


St Mary’s 2-11 23 drew Broadford 3-5 23

It was a fantastic effort by the boys for the Mother’s Day match against Broadford.

They really dug deep in the final quarter to come back from eight points down, to bring the game to a nail-biting draw.

Bakers Delight award: Kieren Gibbons.

St Mary’s club awards: Joshua Vearing, Sam Brown and Tarkyn Dundon.


St Mary’s 18-5 113 def Broadford 2-0 12

The U14s took on an in-form Broadford — and if the first term was an indication of how the game was going to be played then surely the spectators were going to be in for a cracker.

But in the blink of an eye up stepped the ‘Big Show’ — Ollie Munro — kicking four for the quarter and six for the first half, and from then on the game was over.

Players outside the leadership group playing important roles such as Lay, Trodd, Jenkins, Grant and Joseph-Hauser were outstanding.

This was by far the best team performance for the year.

Special mention to Ollie Munro who also kicked his 100th club goal.

Goals: O. Munro 9, Lubeck 4, S. Thomson 3, H. Billen and Issac Joseph-Hauser 1.

Bakers Delight award: Cayleb Trodd.

St Mary’s club award: Lewis Lubeck.

McDonald’s award: Lincoln Smith.

Coles award: Aiden Gibbons.


St Mary’s 7-5 47 lost to Broadford 7-8 50

The match was stopped after Nic Quigg was injured (concussion) half-way into the final quarter.

Our thoughts for a speedy recovery go out to Nic and his family.

There is a week off for inter-league next week.



The game started off slowly with both teams adjusting to the muddy ground.

Campbell Baker was marking everything across the backline again and was reading the ball through the air as good as Harry Taylor.

Jacko Winch Cunningham, one of the first-year players, managed to get a few early touches.

Flynn O’Brien and Archy Harrison were fantastic on each wing and were playing a great team game setting up the wall across the 50m line when the ball entered the Tabilk forward line.

Matilda Brew was leading by example with her second efforts and great tackling. Grace Le Duex and Hugh Murphy were solid in the ruck all day, giving their teammates first option.

Dylan Baker was in everything again with his great tackling and chasing.

Goals: Heath Lane 1, Oliver Smyth 1, Max Smyth 1.


Muluka Thoroughbreds: Jackson Cunningham.

North East Antennas: Dylan Baker.

Hume Electrical: Matilda Brew.


Yea, running with the bare 18 players, put up a great fight and made Tabilk work for every possession.

Tabilk was slow to get its play going but after a five-minute arm wrestle registered its first through the boot of Mitch Coll.

From that point on all the boys started to find the spark and got involved.

The on-ball brigade of Angus Murray, Logan Webb and Harry Shiner got the team going in the second quarter. Harry was strong over the ball and got it into the runners’ hands to set up several attacks forward.

Yea held firm down back and restricted Tabilk to the one second-term goal.

The team had to dig deep in an effort to grind out a sold win — and that they did through the backline work of Rylan Joyce, Ben Shelton, Harley and Darby O.

Tabilk’s tempo lifted in the second half. Harry Wall Oscar, Tommy Mason and Will were becoming a headache for Yea, and by the fourth quarter the game had opened for Tabilk with plenty of scoring opportunities, although Yea made the boys work hard all day.

This was a great lesson for the boys to learn — that not all games are pretty or the same as the week before.