Student goes home

By Seymour Telegraph

Seymour Rotary Club exchange student Emilja Fihlman is heading home to Finland.

GOTAFE hospitality collaborated with Emilja to produce a Finnish meal of grand proportions to celebrate the occasion.

Finnish ham and pea soup, an entree of rice in pastry with egg sauce, a main meal with Finnish meat stew and salmon and a choice of sweets was on the menu.

Emilja said her criteria for the menu were the things her mum cooked and the comfort foods of home.

After the meal Emilja entertained the Rotary Club with a slide show of her year in Australia.

Rotarian Denis Kennedy said Emilja was an ambassador for Finland during her stay and it was a pleasure to see her grow in self-confidence as the year progressed.

‘‘The Rotary Student Exchange Program gives young people an opportunity to be immersed in another culture in a safe and supportive atmosphere,’’ he said.

‘‘The club hopes Emilja will now be an ambassador in Finland for Australia.’’