Front Door Project proves popular

By David Rak

Louise Roberts’ COVID-19 photography project is officially in print.

The Nagambie photographer spent every day for almost three weeks travelling around Nagambie using a long lens to take photos of people at their front doors, gates and businesses during the first lockdown.

The Front Door Project aimed to document the pandemic experience for people to look back on in years to come and it is proving popular, with more than 100 already sold.

“I have had so many people contact me saying how amazing the book is, which is so lovely,” Ms Roberts said.

“A lot of people have said it is a wonderful keepsake, which is what I was aiming for it to be, something they could look back on in 20, 30 or 50 years and pass down to their next generation.

“In the book I explained what COVID-19 is and how it has affected the world and our town. I also asked a dozen or so people in the town what their experience has been during this time, which is an interesting read.

“Many people have told me how amazing it is to see such diversity of people in the book - young, old, families, singles and couples.

“I am so glad I created such a memorable book that will hopefully be part of the town's history.”

Ms Roberts said she had no idea how big and popular the project would become.

“I really just wanted to keep doing my photography during lockdown and I thought this was something I could do that might be of interest to the locals while adhering to restrictions,” she said

“I think for a lot of people it was also great to see and talk to someone new. I also got a lot of people saying this gave them a reason to wash their hair and get out of their trackies.

“Everyone in town was so wonderful and supportive of the project, which I am very grateful for and I have a lot more people supporting my business going forward, which is so lovely.”

There are still a few copies of The Front Door Project left. To purpose a copy or for more information about Louise’s photography, check out Love by Lou Photography on Facebook and Instagram.