Majestic honour

By David Rak

Seymour’s Megg Miller was ‘‘uncomfortably surprised’’ at receiving an Order of Australia Medal as part of Monday’s Queen’s Birthday honours.

Megg was awarded for her decades of service to the Australian poultry industry and her tireless community work.

She was the founder and has been the co-owner of Grass Roots Magazine since 1973 and has been editor and owner of Australasian Poultry magazine since 1990.

Megg is well known on the competitive poultry circuit, having racked up a laundry list of judging credits and has also been a member of the Seymour-Goulburn Lions Club since 1996.

Growing up in Numurkah and working in Seymour for the past 20 years, Megg developed a fascination with living a self-sufficient lifestyle in her childhood.

‘‘My parents grew their own vegetables and sourced almost everything themselves, because that’s what you did in those days,’’ Megg said.

‘‘That stuck with me as a child and it was something I never wanted to lose.

‘‘It was the same with chooks. I was a big fan of them and they lend themselves to living a self-sufficient existence.’’

Megg started Grass Roots to share her passion and inspire others to try their hand at becoming self-sufficient.

‘‘It started as a way for people to share their ideas and has evolved into quite a large network,’’ she said.

‘‘Australian Poultry magazine was an offshoot of that. Chooks are an important part of becoming self-sufficient, but they have so many other qualities.

‘‘The amount of competitions and areas of judging related to chooks is astounding and most people have no idea it exists.

‘‘I was publishing a newsletter about turkeys when I was asked to join the Australasian Poultry team. My involvement slowly grew until I eventually bought the business.’’

Megg said she was surprised with the recognition because she had spent her life pursuing personal interests.

‘‘I’m humbled to receive the honour and I’m extremely proud of everything the magazines have achieved, “she said.

‘‘But there are so many people in our community that do so much and you never hear a word about them.

‘‘The dedication shown by the people of Seymour is why I love it. It’s a welcoming and hardworking community that I am proud to be part of.’’