Time trials won

By Seymour Telegraph

The summer Individual Time Trial Championships were held in the previous week and won by Grant Harvey.

Summer individual time trial championships were held on Tuesday night at Palmworld with some impressive times made in each grade.

It was a great turnout of numbers for the night even including a junior event which was great to see. Let’s hope we can continue to inspire more junior riders for the future of our club.

A big thanks to Shayne Kirby for rocking up with a big stack of pizzas for all to enjoy on our final night of racing.

Thanks to all those who made our racing possible throughout the year, we couldn’t have operated without you.


A-grade, 16km

1st: Grant Harvey, 23m22s, average 41.08km/h

2nd: Michael Thomson, 24m09s

3rd: Glenn Jacobs, 24m10s

B-grade, 16km

1st: Brett Bender, 27m07s, average 35.4km/h

2nd: Ian Porter, 27m41s

3rd: Brian Inness, 27m42s

C-grade, 16km

1st: Finbar O’Sullivan, 28m39s, average 33.51km/h

2nd: Adam Inness, 29m05s

3rd: Patrick Tubbs, 29m30s


1st: Fletcher Christensen, 17m0s

2nd: Max Christensen, 18m15s

3rd: Violet Jacobs, 19m18s

4th: Harry Thomson, 21m24s.