Juniors clash for a draw

By Seymour Telegraph

The clash of the two Seymour section one junior tennis teams on Saturday resulted in a draw.

Both Seymour Red and Seymour Blue won three sets and 24 games in a competitive and high-standard encounter.

Best players were James Hardman for Seymour Red and Seth Burgess for Seymour Blue.

In section two Seymour won by a forfeit.

Senior tennis continued on Saturday, with mixed results for the Seymour teams. Seymour Red had a good win against Wandong winning five sets, 47 games to one set, 28 games.

Seymour Blue went down to Broadford Blue.

The score was Broadford Blue, four sets, 46 games to Seymour Blue’s two sets, 29 games.

The autumn Tuesday night tennis competition has begun with the section one Seymour side having a good win (five sets, 34 games) against Wallan Purple (one set, 14 games).

In section two, Seymour (one set 22 games) lost to Kilmore Green (five sets, 31 games).