Pole art adds to park display

By Seymour Telegraph

Seymour’s King’s Park’s art culture has been expanded thanks to the work of local artist Leone Gabrielle.

King’s Park committee chairman Ken Hall thanked Ms Gabrielle last week at the World Poetry Day which she organised at the park, when a bus load of people from Melbourne joined the many locals who appreciated the 150 poems and 75 origami creatures on display in the peaceful surrounds.

Ms Gabrielle was acknowledged by Mr Hall for her portraits on the light poles around the rear oval, depicting the wildlife and the many local identities who frequent the park.

These artworks have brightened up the old concrete poles, which are now interesting and pleasing to look at.

Mr Hall said the works added to the variety of art on display at the park, including the unique park-themed street signs, the grandstand activity wall and the Olympic torch relay statue, and he hoped locals and visitors alike would appreciate them.

He said a big thanks went to Haymes Paints and Seymour Hardware Group for helping make these works possible by donating the paint; and also to Lucy Wilks, Eve Burchell, Leone Gabrielle and Rumi whose poems are on permeant display on the poles.