Drownings prompt pool plans

By Seymour Telegraph

Matt Coughlin was instrumental in the creation of the Seymour war memorial pools and the committee felt it could not move forward until Jill Adams, Mr Coughlin’s daughter, had been approached.

The committee was grateful to receive Ms Adams’ full and unequivocal support for the ideas.

Ms Adams said back in the late 1940s her father and a group of men at the Prince of Wales Hotel were discussing their concerns about the number of people drowning in the river..

The men decided to form the Civic Development Committee with a view to raising funds to build a pool in Seymour.

By 1958, Eildon weir had been completed, making the river even more dangerous for swimmers.

With the committee having raised almost £10000 by that time, members approached council with the idea of obtaining a government grant so the pool could be built.

Seymour Apex Club were also very supportive of the project.

Plans were drawn up late in 1961.

The community was asked to raise 50 per cent of the £45000 needed and, due to various delays, it was not until December 9, 1966, the Seymour war memorial pools complex was officially opened.

Mr Coughlin was heavily involved throughout all of those years, as a volunteer, a councillor and also as shire president for a time.