Tungamah netball

Brodie Gissings looks to move the ball out of defence. Photo by Les_Garbutt

A Grade

Tungamah 41 defeated by Strathmerton 43.

Awards: Bella Pelle - Annie Seccull and Miss Dolly - Chloe Elliott.

B Grade

Tungamah 44 defeated Strathmerton 30.

The B Grade knew this week was going to be a tough game with half the side out this week, but that didn’t deter the strength and determination of the team!

Everyone did their job and together came away with a great win!

Awards: Players player – Vic Bruce (Aerial) and Oppositions player – Leisa Hodgson (ClubMulwala).

C Grade

Tungamah 53 defeated Strathmerton 21.

Big bench, everyone coped well with the multiple changes.

Awards: Tungamah Hotel – Adelle Symes and Wingate’s – Carly Beattie.

Ella Costigan looks for a teammate in the goal circle. Photo by Les_Garbutt

C Reserve

Tungamah 36 defeated Strathmerton 19.

The pressure was on to preform after a week off, for everyone to put themselves in the best position coming into finals and with the 2 byes in the next few weeks.

The team lifted to the occasion, starting with a strong first quarter to get the early lead. The girls put on great defensive pressure across the whole court.

It was a very physical game for the girls, Strathy used their body to pressure the Tungamah girls however the Bears held their own quiet well.

Awards: Yarrawonga Pilates – Grace Whitelock, Free as a Bird – Hannah Moore, Miss Dolly – Danielle Sidebottom, Aerial Muscle Balance – Olivia Hayes.

Under 17s

Tungamah 28 defeated by Strathmerton 34.

Coming up against Strathmerton was always going to be a tight game going by the ladder. The girls worked tirelessly to get hands to every ball. They challenged Strathy on every pass and movement that they wanted to make.

Working their way down the court, the Bears girls created some wonderful passages of play to secure many goals. Going into the last quarter, Tunga was 9 goals down, but the score meant nothing to the Tungamah girls.

They fought until the very end allowing them to finish off only 6 goals down. Each and every one of them should be very proud of their performance, some new positions were tried, and they certainly didn’t let the team down.

Awards: $10 Arnold Family - Mykie McBurnie, Yarrawonga Fish and Chips - Ruby Thomas, Tungamah General Store - Jasmine Walker, Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort - Bella Lonergan.

Under 15s

Tungamah 34 defeated Strathmerton 6.

The girls started off the day really well in the defence with hands up over every ball and tight pressure throughout the whole court, making heaps of turnovers for the team.

The whole team worked well moving the ball throughout the whole court making it easier to get the ball into the shooters.

Thank you to the 4 under 13s girls that played a quarter each, fitting in nicely with the team.

Awards: Crusty Loaf Bakery - Emma Thomas, Yarrawonga Fish & Chips - Marney Looby, Tungamah General Store - Shylee Brown.

Under 13s

Tungamah 31 defeated Strathmerton 5.

With four girls away this week the team looked a little different, but the girls sure did step up and earned the game time. Lillie and Emily worked hard all game to gain rebounds and take intercepts at any opportunity.

Keira plays her consistent role in WD sharing with Claire at half time. Claire gave it her all and read the play very well. Great work Claire.

Laila also stepped-up playing C finding space and re leading throughout the whole game. Tayla was working hard to assist with great drive and feeding well into the ring.

The shooters were on fire. Ellie and Brooke gelled together moving around knowing where the other one was and do so with a smile on their faces.

Thanks to Phoenix for sitting on the bench ready to help out at any chance. Thanks to Deb for umpiring. Great win girls.

Awards: Tungamah store - Ellie Buerckner, Tungamah store - Laila Pardo, Yarra fish & chip - Claire Connell.

Under 11s

Great game against Strathy girls. Cydee fought hard for the ball and was active in the goal ring. Ivy was there to support and successful with rebounds.

Billie showed her versatility by moving from GS to centre after recovering from her wrist injury. Sienna O used strong arms to defend and was successful with intercepts.

Laura had tall opponents when in GK position but was successful with rebounds. Ava kept up speed in centre and Phoenix stuck on her player and was also strong in the goal ring.

Emily J tapped out many balls from her GD position. Thanks to coach Melissa who said she felt like the girls were clearing out well and coming towards the ball.

Awards: Tungamah Canteen - Billie Buerckner, Tungamah Shop - Laura Montgomery, McDonalds - Phoenix Kennedy.