Tigers battle against Shepp Bears

No looking: Rochester’s Madison Egglestone makes a pass during the Tigers’ clash against Shepparton Bears on the weekend. Photo: Megan Fisher


The under-15 girls began a little slowly in the first quarter due to the opposition’s fast ball movement and the bitterness of the cold weather.

Maddy Pearse made lots of intercepts and had some exceptional ball reading in the defensive ring. Justice Powels kept her player occupied and out of the game, applying that three-second pressure in the mid-court.

Marli Cottam and Payton Tiller switched in and out of goals but played exceptionally well with their goals and passes. Grace Moyel fitted in beautifully in that shooter position and showed amazing shooting accuracy from any length in the goaling circle.

The girls found their voice and began talking to each other, which left a positive impact on the game, rewarding them with victory against Shepparton Bears 35-32. Best players were Justice Powels, Maddison Pearse and Grace Moyel.


Rochester went down 30-50 to Shepparton Bears in a tough game.

An extremely strong start from both teams left Rochester up by two at quarter time.

The Bears fought hard in the second quarter against strong Rochester defenders, with Ava Cottam and Poppy Palmer working tirelessly in the goal ring to try to shut down accurate shooters.

The Bears led at half time.

Kaitlyn Joyce came from the court in the third quarter with an injury and the Bears took advantage of the unsettled team, winning the quarter by 13 goals. Grace Moyle and Charlotte Gould worked very hard in the goal ring finishing the game with a strong quarter; however, it was not enough to win the game.

Best on was awarded to Charlotte Gould, Ava Cottam, Poppy Palmer and Kaitlyn Joyce.


Shepparton took the chocolates with a nail-biting one-goal win, 37-36. It was an amazing performance by the Tigers, who fought hard all game and displayed positive team support across the court.

Ash Flanagan continued her strong form in defence alongside Kate, with the two making many intercepts. Kristie came out strong on the centre passes while Naomi fought strong all game and provided direction in attack.

In the goal ring, Alyse and Ella continue to strengthen the shooting connection, moving well together and shooting accurately.

Best on awards went to Kristie Weekley, Ash Flanagan and Kyella McKenna


The Tigers knew the match against Shepparton would be tough and they had to put 110 per cent effort in, as the Bears were just sitting above Rochy on the ladder.

As the game began both teams showed limited errors and both were consistent and strong. A few intercepts helped Rochy to lead by two after the first quarter.

Annie Hughs and Sahra Brooks teamed beautifully once again in the ring. Both shot with great accuracy and rebounded any shots that didn’t drop in.

Midcourters Lil Ward, Maddie Holt and Charlotte Gould applied pressure on the Bears through the centre, providing turnovers for Rochy to stay in the lead after half time.

After the main break Maddie was placed in centre and Lil into WD. Both girls showed they were unstoppable, touching and tapping every ball, dramatically changing the game. Linda and Poppy made it incredibly hard for the Bears to get past them allowing Rochy to go into the last quarter up by 14.

The Rochy girls didn’t stop there. They continued their hard efforts all the way to the end, showing off a great win and great game to watch, winning 49-27. Best players were Annie, Maddie and Charlotte.


Rochester had a slow start against Shepparton Bears, who made the most of our mistakes early. Annie Hughes came on in the second quarter and slotted some lovely goals to get the team back on the board, connecting well with Teal.

Bridgette and Maddy worked tirelessly in defence against much taller opposition and went flying for every ball. In the mid-court Charlee ran hard all game and Ellie delivered the ball into the goalers with pinpoint passes.

Ava had her first A-grade game and didn’t look out of place with her strong drives and hands over pressure. Rochester just weren’t good enough for the strong Bears side, going down by 13 goals, 45-58.

Award winners for the week were Ellie Cuttriss, Teal Hocking, Maddy Egglestone and Bridgette Holt.

– By Ellie Cuttriss