Corowa Golf Club

Men’s and Women’s Corowa Cup – Sunday, June 19


Winner’s with 36 Pts Heather Briggs

Runner-up with 28 Pts Marg Bradford

Ball Rundown: Jo McKenzie, Jacque Lawler 25

NTP 12th Kelli Cunningham


A Grade

Gross winner with 71 Quinton Cooke

Runner-up with 72 Kyle Tuckett

Nett winner c/b with 70 Travis Merritt

Runner-up also with 70 Daniel Lee

Ball Rundown: Ethan Bell 71, Simon Mason, Danial Huggard 72

B Grade

Winner c/b with 39 Pts Phill Dunning

Runner-up with 39 Pts Dennis Sandral

C Grade

Winner with 41 Pts Sam Widdop

Runner-up with 39 Pts Steve Piddington

Ball Rundown: Sonny McKenzie 39, Rob Williams, Ash Paech, John Taylor, Marty Cunningham, Declan Griffin, Eoin Devenney 37, Steve Graham, Gary Patterson 36

NTP 12th Brett Mayor

NTP 18th Roger Humphris

Winners with 76 Pts Carl Dickins and Oliver Struve

Runner-up with 73 Pts Sean Collins and William Kifoto

Third with 71 Pts Liam Whyte and David Whyte

Fourth c/b with 70 Pts Heath Aston and Phill Dunning

Balls: Tony Bourke and Brendan Armstrong with 70 Pts

NTP 18th Nathan Anic

NTP 2nd shot 23rd William Kifoto

NTP 27th Mark Chappell

Corowa Veterans Golf Monday, June 20

A Grade winner with 40 Pts Lindsay Steer

Runner-up with 38 Pts Ken MillerB Grade winner with 38 Pts Steve Jones

Runner-up with 32 Pts Tom Bennett

Ball Rundown: Rick Jamieson, John Arthur 36 Pts

NTP 4th Lindsay Steer

NTP 27th Neville Lowe

Golden Oldies Tuesday, June 21

Winner c/b with 8 Pts Robert Packer

Runner-up also with 8 Pts Geoff Lawrence

NTP John Batten

Ball winner: Rick Jamieson

Women’s Stableford, Wednesday June 22

Winner with 38 Pts Louise Holden

Runner-up with 34 Pts Marg Tobin

NTP 4th 2nd shot 30-54 Marjorie Dykes

NTP 2nd shot 9th Louise Holden

NTP 18th Louise Holden

Pro Comp Stableford Thursday, June 23

Winner with 40 Pts Tim Patton

Runner-up with 37 Pts Greg Allan (No Prize)

Third with 37 Pts Michael Doolan

Fourth with 37 Pts Marty Cunningham

Fifth with 36 Pts Ian Mills

Ball Rundown: Ben Newton, Graham Loughnan, Neville Tait 36 Blair Farley 35, Ethan Bell, Shane Rohrich 34

NTP 4th Steve Carrick

NTP 2nd Shot 9th Tim Patton

NTP 18th Guy Rowe

Men’s and Women’s Events Saturday, June 25

Women (Rd 3)

Winner +1 Denise Doolan

Runner-up with – 1 Deb Eason

Ball Rundown: Selina Barkley, Marlene Stuart -2

NTP 12th Deb Eason


A Grade winner with +3 Carl Dickins

B Grade winner c/b with +4 Phil Turner Wayne Taylor

C Grade winner with +1 Joseph Portter

Ball Rundown: Peter Whyte +4, Wayne Taylor, Andrew Tatterson, David Anderson, Ross Lyndon +2, Laurie Atwell, Neil Caulfield, Kieran Jones +1, Ben Playford, Peter Giudice, Neville Tait, Joe Lackner, Garry Zabenko 0, Nicholas Shelley -1

NTP 2nd shot 23rd Jack Reid

NTP 12th Phill Dunning

NTP 18th Neville King