Around the Greens


Wednesday Social Bowls had 14 players with 3 two game winners. A +13 and getting the victory is a yearly visitor in Max Saunders and his partner Gavin Borwick.

Runners up with a +10 were Col Withers and Billy Butterworth. Jackpot failed to go off and the jackpot was won by Col Withers.

Friday social had 14 players and the winners were Neville Coleman and Carolyn Boston and the runners up were Max Saunders and Yarrawonga visitor Mick Dixon.

This Wednesday the club have "Dash For Cash". If you want a game give Danny McNeill a ring.

ClubMulwala Indoor Bowls

Monday, June 27 results.

Winners – Judi Cummins, Helen Duncan, Sue Stillard and Jenny Jamieson.

Runners Up – Marna Tomlinson, Annie King, Geoff Charlwood and Linda Rodney.

Third – Jeanette Davies, Chris Lieberg, Reg Bryce and Helen Wright.

Wednesday, June 30 results.

Winner – Tricia Murphy, Annie King and Sue Stillard.

Runners Up – Lyn Harmer, Joyce Torpy, Geoff Charlwood and Lyn Ryan.