Brooks brings the ballot

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Having his say: Liberal candidate for Nicholls, Steve Brooks.

Liberal candidate Steve Brooks has built a campaign out of being proud ‒ a proud farmer, a proud community man and now a proud voter in the 2022 Federal Election.

Spending most of his day at Numurkah Town Hall on Saturday, May 21, Mr Brooks said he was “so excited to have this day finally arrive”.

He said he felt “privileged” to be able to put his hand up to represent the community.

"I think the message we put out was solid,“ Mr Brooks said.

“We tried to show that I have substance in a lot of the things I'm talking about, and that we would be in a position to actually deliver the things that we're talking about.

“I hope that that's enough to let you know that people see value in that as a candidate and I hope that they put number one next to Steve Brooks, the Liberal Party.

“(I’m looking forward to having) a beer with my family and friends and the hundreds of volunteers who supported me”.

While polls have shown Labor is looking more likely to form government, Mr Brooks said he had his sights set on the region.

“My head is so far into Nicholls — and I say this not to avoid the question but my head is so ingrained in what's happening here that I couldn't even tell you what the national headlines are for polling,” he said.