Check your water supply

By David Rak

With the CFA’s official Fire Danger Period now in effect, Goulburn Valley Water is reminding residents that town water supply cannot be relied on during a major fire event.

Residents are being urged to ensure they have an alternate water supply if they plan to defend their property as part of their fire action plan, particularly if they live in a bushfire-prone area in an urban fringe area near grasslands or scrublands.

GVW’s operations manager Steven Nash said during a bushfire, the demand on the water supply network could exceed the system’s capacity.

“If there is a fire, we can’t guarantee we will be able to maintain normal pressure or normal supply, and if there is extreme demand on the network, your supply may be reduced temporarily,” Mr Nash said.

“On days of very high and above fire danger, we recommend people keep a supply of drinking water ready — for example, fill several large containers for drinking, or fill your bathtub.”

If electricity is lost, GVW may also not be able to operate systems that require pumps until a back-up generator is in place, if available.

Fire may also affect GVW’s ability to respond or react to any system issue. Where possible, GVW will work to notify customers whenever their water supply is affected.

Mr Nash said GVW continually worked to prepare for the fire season by ensuring its people and water supply infrastructure had the necessary back-up systems in place to minimise supply interruptions under normal conditions.

GVW uses SMS to notify customers of any service interruptions, faults or issues — to register your mobile phone number, phone 1800 454 500 at any time.

For further information and advice on planning and preparing for a bushfire, visit the CFA’s website at or call 1800 240 667.

GVW also has more information on town water supplies during a fire at