RSL cash for CFA units

By David Rak

Seymour RSL Social Club provided a booster shot for several local CFA units recently.

President Max Hammond presented the Trawool, Whiteheads Creek-Tarcombe, Tallarook and Hilldene CFA captains with a $500 cheque each to assist them in their operations.

The club also gave a cheque for $500 to Seymour Legacy’s Merv McAliece, which will go towards helping incapacitated and deceased veterans’ dependents.

During the past 10 years, club members led by Bruce Tarran have conducted parking on the club’s vacant block during the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo.

The takings from this enterprise have been donated to local non-profit clubs and organisations.

A plaque was also presented to Arnie Ruscoe from Ruscoe Tree Clearing for using his bobcat to remove rubbish and improve the ground in the parking area.

“The CFA and Legacy are very important groups in our community and so many would struggle without them,” Mr Hammond said.

“We wanted to do our bit, and this is a small way to say thanks.”