GVL Data ǀ Sainters show growth in gritty Seymour defeat

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True grit: James Martiniello has been a workhorse around the stoppage this season.

An 123-point thumping at the hands of Seymour in the Goulburn Valley League season opener was a disastrous start to the season for the Saints.

The Lions blew Benalla out of the water in almost all aspects of the game at Kings Park, leading the Saints in disposals by 162, and winning out uncontested possessions by a mammoth 132.

But when you draw comparisons to the round one rematch last Saturday, it is clear for all to see Benalla have shown remarkable improvement over the course of the season.

With the power of GVL Data, it’s now possible to delve into exactly where this improvement has been.

A major catalyst for the Lions’ win in round one was their ability to stifle the Saints ball use and control the game.

Seymour took 63 more marks, also dominating Benalla in uncontested possessions 259-127.

The Lions controlled the game in these areas again in round 12, but the Saints ability to push them much further than 12 weeks ago was clear.

Benalla showed marked improvement when it comes to ball movement, registering 26 more marks than in round one, 49 more uncontested possessions and a staggering 46 more handball receives.

At a glance

James Martiniello vs Seymour, round 12

Disposals: 27

Contested possessions: 14

Uncontested possessions 13

Groundball gets: 13

Tackles: 5

The clearance battle was also won by the hosts 30-24, as it was in round one, Will Martiniello’s 12 a game-high.

The Saints just lost out to Seymour in contested possessions 124-110, Martiniello also collecting a game-high 16, with brother James close behind with 14.

But it’s Benalla’s work inside 50 on Saturday which is sure to please coaches Martiniello and Mark McKenzie.

Benalla doubled its marks inside 50 when compared to round one, largely thanks to key forward Jarrad Waite’s dominance inside the arc, but also sent themselves inside 50 on 14 more occasions.

Key stats

Benalla’s performance vs Seymour, round 1 vs round 12

Disposals: 211 (round 1) vs 283 (round 12)

Handball efficiency: 70% vs 84%

Handball receives: 38 vs 84

Contested possessions: 89 vs 110

Uncontested possessions: 127 vs 176

Forward 50 marks: 6 vs 12

Inside 50’s: 22 vs 36