Gayle’s Garden

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

A more positive activity to occupy the mind, body and soul in these quite bizarre times where activities are becoming more limited every day is gardening.

Neil Pike shares the story of how Gayle Pattingale began growing her own produce which has been consumed over recent weeks.  

“A large proportion of our community are retirees who spend most of their time at home, now along with all other age groups who no longer have many choices. 

“The fact no one really has a handle where the future may lead, an imperative consideration is our food source which would be comforting if one could take more control. 

“This is an area when set up, could change this and only for the better. 

“To have control over your fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices has to be the most beneficial hobby for all age groups to be involved in and no one is breaking any of the newfound laws. 

“In fact, this is a more positive step in helping control all concerns including health. 

“Then when all has blown over and life hopefully returns to its normal balance, this hobby can become a part of normal daily life. 

“This all began after Christmas when Gayles’s brother, had to make an effort for my sister’s 70th birthday. 

“Finances were tight, so utilized basic rubbish laying around to make her gardening that much more attractive/easier with a raised garden bed. 

“It worked just too damn well and she was eating from it in four - five weeks. 

“Gayle has become a Facebook sort of a gal and when she posted her pics, the response was nothing less than incredible.”