‘Mild’ January

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

After the hottest January on record in 2019 and the current bushfires on the East Coast of Australia and Victoria disastrous, Yarrawonga has fared fairly well with their weather so far in 2020. 

Yarrawonga has only recorded five days over 40ºC so far in 2020, with January 4 reaching a mercury of 44.9º, January 10 reaching 42.1º, January 30 reaching 40º, January 31 reaching a scorching 46º and the first day of February hitting the 42º mark.

January 2019 saw seven consecutive days over 40 degrees with the highest reaching 46º and the lowest a ‘mild’ 40.1º.

The lowest temperature for the month was recorded on January 6 with the mercury only reaching 22º and the lowest overnight temp being 9º on January 24.

The northeast of the state also experienced one of the driest January’s on record.