Panthers gallant in defeat

Air time: Megan Hausner flies for a grab. Photos: Garry Jones.


Last time playing Whorouly the Panthers had a good win, but knew coming up against them again it wouldn’t be so easy with the side missing half its players.

All Blacks had to adapt to new players and different combinations throughout the game.

With Whorouly shooters being accurate but also great at rebounding made it tough on Benalla’s defenders to overturn the ball in the ring.

Each player on the court gave it 100 per cent effort, but unfortunately it wasn’t their day to secure the win.

Getting in the best for the day was Elizabeth Fuhrmeister, Alex Keast and Samantha Bochtler.

The side is looking forward to moving on to their next game again Moyhu after the bye with returning players

Score: Whorouly 51 to All Blacks 31

Awards: Elizabeth Fuhrmeister (Ray White Award), Alex Keast (Benalla Gold Cup Entry), Samantha Bochtler (Rustik Cafe Voucher)


The Panthers had a tough game coming up against Whorouly.

The girls had a good training where defensive pressure was the focus and did just that with numerous intercepts and gained ball coming from the midcourt.

Jessie Kipping, named best-on, shot well for the team with her offsider Brooke assisting in feeding role. Kellie Holmes and Rebecca Bradshaw fed the circle beautifully all game with minimal turnovers and were also named in the best.

The defenders worked tirelessly on two Whorouly shooters were both accurate giving them minimal opportunities for rebounds, however, Elyse Felstead was great in picking them up when there was one.

Overall the team is proud to match the top teams and will continue to work on their basics when fatigued as this is a weak point across the court.

Score: Whorouly 50 to All Blacks 40

Awards: Jessie Kipping (Royal Hotel Meal Voucher), Kellie Holmes (Jenny Milner Voucher), Bec Bradshaw (Hollywood’s Voucher)


The girls this week knew it would be tough with many out because of illness and other circumstances. The team had some under-17s step up to play senior netball, Jess Holland, Haylea Smith and Remi Nicholas all fit into the team beautifully and should be incredibly proud with the standard of netball they played.

Courtney Sammon worked well with the under-17s under the ring to move and make opportunities. Emma Sangster was a stability for the team this week, continuously being an option and feeding the ring beautifully with Jess Stocker, earning them both awards this week.

Grace Pastuszka continued to improve her game and stick tight throughout defence. Chloe Dods worked tirelessly all game, making the Whorouly games earn every goal, Chloe’s ability to read the play and get intercepts out of nowhere was impressive, also earning her an award this week.

Overall, Whorouly’s accuracy in goals was difficult for All Blacks to beat this week, however, the score did not reflect how well the team played, especially playing with teammates they hadn’t played with prior.

Score: Whorouly 45 to All Blacks 24

Awards: Emma Sangster (Royal Hotel Meal Voucher), Chloe Dods (Allure Luxe), Jess Stocker (McDonald's Voucher)


Under-17s played a good game against Whorouly.

Remi Nicholas played tirelessly all game and was best on court.

With the help of Alia Heeps they fed the ball nicely into the shooters. Jessica Holland also named in the best shot beautifully with Haylea Smith.

Lilly Robertson was also named in the best with her defensive pressure throughout the game alongside Jazyah Young.

Ella Brennan, Ruby Ayres and Kayla Devlin played well in WD getting intercepts to turn the ball over to bring it back down throughout the game.

Score: Whorouly 38 to All Blacks 24

Awards: Remi Nicholas (Zeus Voucher), Lilly Robertson (Spot 4 Ice Cream), Jessica Holland (All Blacks Canteen Voucher)


This week we came up against a tough opponent in Whorouly. The All Blacks’ girls came out firing in the first quarter, out scoring them by one.

Unfortunately, Whorouly held its own for the next three quarters, taking the game by 10.

The defence end in Grace Cooke and Eliza Sammon worked in overtime the whole game, gaining several intercepts and making their shooters fight for every goal.

Imogen Randell played an amazing WD in the first half, keeping her player very quiet.

Zellie Nicholls played outstanding in her first full game back after injury, showing her speed and attacking ability.

The ever-reliable C, Georgia Levy brought the ball down the court with precision and leadership.

The girls spent three days this week at an Australian Netball Camp in Melbourne and they put into practice a lot of what they learnt from their coach and Victorian Netball League player Chloe Gray.

Score: Whorouly 23 to All Blacks 13

Awards: Eliza Sammon (Mel Goodwin Tupperware), Giselle Nicholls (Spot 4 Ice Cream), Georgia Levy (All Blacks Canteen Voucher)

Safe hands: Sam Bochtler keeps it under control.