Avenel’s ressies lack the effort to tackle Tallygaroopna

By Meg Saultry

In a game of "twos" football, effort is considered one of the biggest things required to get over the line.

And a lack of effort was what let Avenel's reserve side down in its 14-point qualifying final loss to Tallygaroopna on Saturday, Swans reserve coach Joey Pollock said.

“It’s effort, twos is a simple game of footy, and our whole game plan is based around effort, and giving effort,” he said.

“It’s something they can’t take away from you. It’s a choice.

“There was plenty of people who chose not to give it today.

“And that is the thing that stings, particularly with guys missing out.

“We had a squad of 32 to choose from; we picked who we thought was our best 22.

“It was very ordinary.”

In a clash between one-versus-two for a ticket straight into the grand final, Avenel could have considered themselves the favourite from the outset after finishing the home-and-away season minor premiers and going into the match one-up on the Redlegs after beating them by 22 points earlier in the season.

But with a wind favouring the northern end of Nagambie Recreation Reserve, Tallygaroopna got the jump on Avenel early, leading by eight and four points respectively at both the quarter and half time breaks.

Steamrolled: Tyler Peacock tries to get the handball off under pressure from Tallygaroopna's Jye Scott.

And in a low scoring game, it looked like Tallygaroopna had the match won over Avenel as it went into the final quarter 11 points ahead, with the Swans' skill execution and avenue into the forward-line lacking.

Despite the loss, Pollock credited his back six as his best of the day, with Clinton Donohue’s rebound out of defence superb, while Tyler Peacock, Lachlan McKenzie, Hank Woldhuis and skipper Cal Williams were all strong.

With Avenel set to face Nagambie in the preliminary final next weekend, the Swans will have to regroup and refocus to their next challenge, though Pollock said there could be several heads facing the chopping block.

“Absolutely, there is some easy calls to make now,” he said.

And it’s a rematch - and sweet payback - against Tallygaroopna in the grand final the Swans will have etched in their minds, though they will have no more second chances after this weekend.

“Though it’s disappointing, we had a good home-and-away season. Lucky, we do have a double chance - unfortunately though, we have to use it,” Pollock said.

And it will be that effort - and hunger for premiership glory -  that will likely dictate whether Avenel is a major contender in the final fortnight of KDL football.

“We have a very simple game plan, and we didn’t execute. It’s a choice to give effort, and some didn’t choose to,” the coach said.

Final score: Tallygaroopna 4.8 (32) d Avenel 2.6 (18)

Avenel goals: J. Carrafa, C. Thomson

Avenel's best: C. Donohue, L. McKenzie, T. Peacock, M. Woldhius, C. Williams, R. Saultry