Editorial: Reach out if you need help

By Shepparton News

Tonight, many readers will go home after a long day of work, crank up the heater, spend time with the family, watch the footy, order some take away and then sleep in a warm bed.

Sounds like a simple life we should all be enjoying, but unfortunately in Shepparton too many will not sleep with a roof over their head because they are homeless.

Last week the Federal Community Housing, Homelessness and Community Service Assistant Minister Luke Howarth told ABC RN he wanted to ‘‘put a positive spin on homelessness’’.

These attitudes makes us wonder if homelessness will be seriously addressed in the next 3 years under this Coalition rule.

Greater Shepparton City Council spent a lengthy time telling the Labor Victorian Government it needs financial help to address the homeless problem — twice.

The state government decided not to help and distributed the money elsewhere.

We are not implying these other places did not deserve the money.

But at the time it was distributed, Shepparton had about 80 more homeless people than the second-worst regional electorate — Geelong.

Luckily Shepparton has a dedicated group of people who realise if the higher power governments are not going to help the homeless, then they will.

We will always applaud the efforts of those who are trying to make a difference in this town.

It is hard to find a solution to homelessness and like the efforts of the TAC there is little chance we will ever achieve zero.

Homelessness is not an easy topic to discuss and it is all too easy to walk past that person on the street with a hat in front of their feet scattered with a couple of gold coins.

What our hard-working volunteers are at least trying to do is find positive ways to reduce the impact of homelessness and stop reasons people fall into these unfortunate circumstances.

There are services out there for people to access and we can only encourage anyone who is sleeping rough, couch surfing, or in any sort of difficult situation to urgently make contact with those services.

Phone BeyondHousing on 58331000 or Salvation Army (Social Services) 58208000.