Murchison aged care facility is staying open, says Drum

By Morgan Dyer

Federal Member for Nicholls Damian Drum would like to make one thing clear — Murchison’s nursing home is staying open.

“DP Jones is staying open, end of story,” he said.

“The minister (Richard Colbeck) is giving that directive to the department of aged care to ensure they negotiate with another registered provider.”

DP Jones Nursing Home was placed into administration last month and since then dozens of elderly residents have been forced to find a new home.

But Mr Drum said administrators and the government were continuing to negotiate with a number of registered aged care providers.

“What I imagine is going on behind the scenes is standard business negotiations,” Mr Drum said.

“Ultimately what the department is trying to do is get the best provider in for the least amount of taxpayers’ money.

“The minster's directive to the department has been to find a registered provider and ensure the place stays open,” he said.

Mr Drum said the Murchison community had faced immense difficulties in the past month and now he wanted to create a sense of calm for the town.

“There are no conversations about shutting the place down,” Mr Drum said.

“We are looking to create certainly so we can offer an environment where families are happy to bring their loved ones back to Murchison and not leave them in the place they had to relocate to.

“It’s been a very difficult time for everybody but what we need to do now is to create certainty around the facility.”

SV Partners administrator Richard Cauchi said Mr Drum’s comments were aligned with the department’s hopes for the facility.

“The government wishes for the facility to continue and we are working towards that, but we are still waiting for things to come together,” Mr Cauchi said.

Former acting DP Jones Nursing Home chief executive Royden James said the Community Action Group had not received any official confirmation about the future of the facility but said Mr Drum’s comments were “wonderful”.

“We have just been waiting for advice from the liquidator,” Mr James said.

“Our committee and Murchison wait with bated breath for an official announcement.

“We really appreciate the work Damian has put in and the administrator has put in to try and achieve a great outcome.”