Whiteheads Creek Bioblitz back in 2022

Speaking in Seymour: Australian Platypus Conservancy director Geoff Williams. Photo by Contributed

The Whiteheads Creek Bioblitz is back again in 2022.

Seymour Urban Landcare’s citizen science initiative is a project that aims to discover the plants and wildlife of Whiteheads Creek.

Although Whiteheads Creek is an essential part of the Seymour ecosystem, it is largely ignored until it floods.

Despite its low profile, it provides habitat for at least 64 species of birds, as well as platypus, goannas and other species.

Seymour Urban Landcare member Lesley Dalziel is looking forward to the event.

“This project offers an exciting prospect to get to know our creek and work towards a sustainable future, a healthy environment and waterway, as well as habitat for our wildlife,” she said.

The Landcare group has organised two guest speakers to support the event.

At 1.30pm on Sunday, June 5, Geoff Williams of the Australian Platypus Conservancy will share his knowledge of this amazing monotreme at Chittick Place, Seymour.

Mr Williams will highlight the features that make the platypus so special, explain its conservation needs and how the community can assist these animals. He will also provide some handy hints on how to spot platypus in the wild and outline the possibilities of becoming involved in citizen science programs to monitor local populations.

The second event in the series has a focus on fungi. Taking place at 10am on Saturday, June 11, Alison Pouliot will provide provide a talk on fascinating fungi which will be followed by a short field trip to see fungi in the wild.

The events are open to all and bookings can be made by phoning 0428 339 989 or emailing