Tungamah Lions Changeover

Tungamah Lions Club new President Michael Barry was introduced at the changeover evening recently.

Tungamah Lions Club have held their changeover evening with a good attendance of 38, covering several clubs such as Yarrawonga, Lake Mulwala, Benalla, Wangaratta, Katamatite and Moyhu.

PDG Peter Poels was the installation officer for the evening.

MC was PDG Les Harrison and he got the session off right on the stroke of 7 o’clock.

DG Stephen Kazenwadel had the very pleasant duty of inducting a new member into the club, when he welcomed Lesley Smith.

Lesley was a Lioness for some 34 years and was the charter president of the Lake Mulwala Lions Club. She joins Immediate Past President Victor Smith in the Tungamah Lions club.

It was a great celebration of Victor’s year, as there were some interruptions due to Covid. He and his predecessor, Neville Barber did a fabulous job in keeping the club rolling along in difficult circumstances.

The club owe these gentlemen a great debt of gratitude.

Peter had great pride in introducing new president, Michael Barry. Michael and his wife Caz have been in Lions now for three years and are wonderful workers for the club. Michael is a quiet gentleman who will make sure jobs are getting done, and the club all have a wonderful time and lots of fun.

PDG Les was more than shocked to be awarded a Chris August Award, joining many distinguished Lions in the club. He is very proud of Lions in general, especially his own club and Leos everywhere.

A Certificate of Appreciation was also presented to Paul Basse, of the Tungamah Hotel. Without the efforts of Paul, Amanda and the crew, the Lions would not have been able to operate meetings as often as did.

The scribe thinks the thoughts of the outgoing president sum up best who the club is, and why they are the best.

President’s report;

Well, it is that time again to change the president and let someone else have all the problems which both Neville and I had to deal with due to Covid. But both of us had a great time and I know Michael will.

First, I must thank Lesley for the help she gave me in letting me know where I had to go when I had to be somewhere and to make sure I had all the things I needed.

Next thank you to Les and Robyn for looking after the financial matters and the secretarial work, as well as the street trader certificates and paper work to cover the shifts at Bunnings, picking up the drinks, sausages, bread, counting all the income and paying all the bills and making the meetings run smoothly.

Thank you to Jimmy for the wonderful job he does with the footy gates. He and Caz make sure everything goes so well and is such a fun time. It’s the members who have made the club and thank you for all the time and effort you have put on.

It has made me feel great to be president of this Lions Club and when I walk into the club, I am full of pride. I hope you will all do the same thing for Michael in his year so he can have the same sense of pride.

Just a few of the things we did this year was the placing of the fruit fly signs with Les and Leonie, the Christmas trees which the men’s shed made. These were decorated and put up around the town by Caz and Toni and others.

In November, Gary and I helped Laura move some beds and other bits and pieces so she could move out and Heather asked if she could paint the tractor.

We had a big raffle for the flood disasters in NSW and Queensland and raised around $950.

We had a great Christmas break up at the Tennis Club. Heather and Caz managed to arrange our own club rooms and the old Council Offices to use for meetings.

This works out very well and was opened by DG Steve Kazenwadel and we have had a couple of great meetings there.

Many thanks to Paul and his crew, we just would not have been able to meet very often. Thanks Paul and crew.

We have supported the Leos, who are so energetic. They have so many worthwhile projects happening.

Sadly, we have recently lost our cherished member, Gary Stacey. Gary was always there for us and was awell known character. Rest In Peace Stace.

Over to you Michael. Hope it’s a good one.

Victor Smith.