Chocolate makes world go round

100 years of Cadbury: Australia’s most famous chocolate maker, Tasmanian-based Cadbury, is celebrating 100 years of chocolate production in 2022. IGA staff Renee Fleming and Oskar Shortis were organising the confectionery aisle in preparation for an influx of chocolate lovers last week.

Four-thousand years ago a Central American discovery of the first cacao plants formed the foundations of what we now know as one of our favourite treats — chocolate.

Tomorrow (July 7) is World Chocolate Day, but unlike the storied history of the dark and sweet delight, it is a reasonably new celebration — having started in 2009.

Like so many other dedicated days, for many the worldwide recognition will pass by without much thoroughfare. This year, in Australia, however, it is pretty hard to miss.

There is one name which resonates with the chocolate product and that company is marking a century-long milestone in 2022.

Cadbury’s, the famous Tasmanian-based producer of chocolate, is celebrating 100 years since it first produced the product from its Hobart factory.

Supermarkets throughout the Campaspe region have the especially packaged Cadbury 100 years products prominently positioned to mark the occasion.

Cadbury’s Hobart factory produces 60,000 tonnes of chocolate each year, or more than 200 million Cadbury chocolate blocks, for consumers across Australia and the world.

Cadbury sources its sugar cane from Queensland and its milk from 48 dairy families in Tasmania’s north-west.

Campaspe families who choose to celebrate the occasion will have no lack of options if they wander the aisles of their IGA, Woolworths, ALDI or Coles supermarkets.

And for those who enjoy “reading the packet’’ while they devour its contents Cadbury has released 10 specially-designed, limited-edition Cadbury Dairy Milk packs, with each pack looking at iconic moments that brought Australia together.

Or it may just be a Mars Bar, Violet Crumble, Cherry Ripe or one of the other chocolate delights that you tuck in the lunch box for morning or afternoon tea.

Whatever your choice, happy World Chocolate Day everyone.