Easier access to solar power for tenants

By David Rak

The Victorian Government has expanded the Solar Homes program so more renters and landlords across the state can access affordable rooftop energy with a Solar Homes rebate.

Solar Homes Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said eligible landlords could now apply for an interest-free loan in addition to the existing rebate available.

Landlords can apply and pay for the entire solar system themselves, or work with their renters for a loan repayment co-contribution of up to $19.27 a month.

By offering an interest-free loan to landlords and allowing them to access up to two solar rebates per financial year for their rental properties, more renters can access cheaper energy, not just homeowners.

Solar Victoria is encouraging renters to discuss rebate opportunities with their agents and landlords and has developed resources to support them.

More than 550 rental properties across Victoria have benefitted from the Solar Homes program so far, and eligible landlords can apply for a solar PV rebate and equivalent loan of up to $1850, reducing the upfront cost of installing a solar PV system by up to $3700.

With so many Victorians currently working and studying from home and using more energy during the day, rooftop solar helps keep energy costs down, even in winter.

Ms D’Ambrosio said the announcement was great news for the third of Victorians who rented their homes and had not yet been able to participate in Solar Homes.

“In Victoria, not owning your own home shouldn’t stop you from having access to cheaper, cleaner solar energy,” she said.

“We know renters often dream of the chance to cut their energy costs and this expansion will help thousands more get that chance.”

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