Exciting start to the year for St Mary’s College

By David Rak

St Mary’s College's Year 10 students have been paired up with foundation students to begin the buddy program for 2020.

There was plenty of excitement among the students, and the school hopes the program is going to be a highlight of the year for both the foundation students and the Year 10s.

After watching the 2040 documentary, Year 7B students have been busy working on social action plans they hope will improve the school community.

Their 2040 visions are focused on reducing landfill waste at the school, reducing energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions from transport.

So far, the students have led the Clean Up Australia Day activities, supported by the Grade 3 and 4 students.

They recently analysed the collected waste from a day, finding mostly single-use plastics.

Some students have begun making compost bins with design help from teachers and donated bins from Mitchell Shire Council.

The bins will be placed around the school to reduce the amount of organic waste going into the school’s landfill waste.

All the projects are aimed to reduce the school community’s impact on the environment with the added bonus of saving the school money.