Tasmania’s school term to end early

By AAP Newswire

Tasmania's school term will end four days early so teachers can prepare online education resources amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Premier Peter Gutwein reiterated on Wednesday that public schools will stay open, but April 6-9 would be made student-free days.

He said it would enable teachers to finalise the delivery of a home and online model from the beginning of the new term after the holidays.

He added schools will remain open in term two "for students of essential workers and parents who wish their children to attend an education setting".

"We will support other students in their home, through either online or through other resources," he told reporters.

The Australian Education Union wants more urgent action and student-free days to begin from Monday.

"It's some recognition by Peter Gutwein of teacher health and preparation concerns but it's not enough soon enough," state president Helen Richardson said.

"Premier Gutwein needs to apply the leadership he showed in shutting Tasmania's borders early to our schools."

Mr Gutwein has said parents can keep students home from Wednesday, but that they must be accountable for their children's movements and learning.

Schools are expected to open after the Easter break on April 27.

Victoria and the ACT have moved to start their Easter holidays early, with pupil free-days at public schools.