Trioli slips up on day one of new ABC gig

By AAP Newswire

On day one in her new ABC Melbourne radio role Virginia Trioli has had to do some back-pedalling after wrongly claiming to be the first woman in the job.

The ABC's former News Breakfast TV co-host made the switch to Melbourne airwaves on Monday, taking over from Jon Faine to host the Mornings program.

Trioli, 54, took over the microphone claiming to be the first woman permanently assigned to the gig. But she was wrong, forgetting the late broadcaster Elizabeth Bond.

"My only excuse for getting that wrong, and my apologies for that error, is that I wasn't around then," Trioli said on air.

"I know I am sitting in a chair that has been occupied by some of the greatest minds and greatest voices we've ever had in Australian radio. I'm well aware of that legacy and I hope very much to keep that well cared for."

Trioli told listeners it would not be the first or last time she may slip up on live radio.