Essential funding is just the start

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

The Edward River Gardens retirement village at Moulamein has been given a boost, receiving a $900 grant through the Essential Energy Community Choices program.

The Moulamein aged care facility managed to poll 626 votes from the public in Zone 2 to earn the funding.

Edward River Gardens business manager Dianne Doyle said the money will be invested in new garden beds at the facility.

‘‘It was pretty exciting to receive the money,’’ she said.

‘‘We were watching the voting as it was going and were so excited to see that we had jumped into the top six vote getters,

‘‘We are aiming to put in suitable raised garden beds that our residents can access.

‘‘During these times with the Coronavirus pandemic we have had less visitors, so it’s so important that our residents stay busy.

‘‘A raised garden bed will provide an extra activity for them to do. It will also keep the garden presentable to the community as well.’’

Ms Doyle said the community funding will only fund a portion of the project, and that Edward River Gardens will need more help to complete it.

She said the group was hoping to get the $2500 awarded to the group with the highest votes — which was the Deniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club.

She said designs for the garden will need to be revised as a result, to try and bring down costs.

‘‘Firstly we want to say thank you to Essential Energy, this grant is a good start for us,’’ she said.

‘‘We will need more funds though, and we invite people to come forward and help us out.’’

If you would like to help Edward River Gardens, phone (03) 5888 9555.