Cougars new committee

By Corowa Free Press

The Corowa Cougars Rugby League Club have formed a new Committee for 2020 season.

After a long time at the helm, Jannsenn O’Malley has stood aside to make way for the new committee as the new president was elected.

Jack Synnot will stand as president alongside Matt Goodall as vice president. Secretary is Emma Webb while a long-time player, Glenn Webb, will be the new Secretary. The committee was also elected with Peter French, Col Fleming, Shane Jackson and Laurie Webb.

The committee saw a few things to adjust for the coming Season and the B&S Ball was a major facor identified by the club. It will be good to get everyone that’s involved in the club to get out to the ground on the Saturday and Sunday to help with the running of the B&S Ball.

The coaches for the men’s and women’s sides are hot on the list for 2020 so it’s important that those who wish to coach send letters to the club.

Players that intend on playing must go to the B&S Ball to help or pay their registration for the year in full for the season.

There was two new people at the meeting who brought up some good suggestions for the club to put them in the right direction, which was very helpful. The committee are all pretty much new to their positions so it’s positive to new and fresh ideas being put forward for discussion. 

There was also a special mention to BURR and Andrea Lee for all the hard work they have both put in throughout the year, it wasn’t unnoticed.

This was a very successful meeting for the club, who can now look towards a successful 2020 season.