Corowa Squash

By Corowa Free Press

Monday night – Round 10

Jaguars v Demons

The Jaguars lost to the Demons 2 rubbers to none. The 1’s and 2’s didn’t play. Sam Doyle beat Greg Burgess who reserved for Helen Fuge in 3 games, 27 points to 17 points.  Frank Fitzgerald beat Chris Reilly in 3 games, 28 points to 17 points.

Tigers v Rebels

The Tigers beat the Rebels 2 rubbers to 1. The 3’s didn’t play. Tony Doughty reserved for Jim McGrath and lost to Graeme Leslie in 3 games, 14 points to 27 points.  Tony Doughty reserved for Jane Bromwich and beat Sean Doughty 3 games 31 points to 1 game 22 points. Sam Green beat Lisa Edmonds in 3 games, 27 points to 11 points.

Swans v Spiders

The Swans lost to the Spiders 1 rubber to 2 rubbers. The 3’s didn’t play. Ed Nixon beat John Pleming on a forfeit. Tony Doughty lost to Graeme Leslie who reserved for Chris Gillard in 3 games, 14 points to 27 points.  Jamie Warner reserved for Michelle Walsh and lost to John Kostiw in 3 games, 2 points to 27 points.

Thursday night – Round 9

Lions v Echidnas

The Lions lost to the Echidnas 18 2 points to 203 points.  The 1’s didn’t play. Jason McGrath reserved for Michael Schwabe and lost to Chris Gillard 1 game 47 points to 3 games 58 points. Sean Doughty beat Adrian Roach in 3 games, 45 points to 27 points.  Rory Stones beat Frank Fitzgerald in 3 games, 45 points to 18 points.  Lisa Edmonds forfeited to Chris Reilly. Kate Scott lost to Charlie Whitechurch who reserved for Lachie 1 game 45 points to 3 games 555 points.

Kangaroos v Wombats

The Kangaroos beat the Wombats 207 points to 203 points. Wayne Schulz beat Stephen Blain in 3 games, 45 points to 17 points.  Travis Smith won on a forfeit from John Pleming.  Marcus Osbourne reserved for Helen Fuge and beat Josh Reid 3 games, 54 points to 1 game 49 points.  Nigel Goodall forfeited to Phil Willcoxson.  Bree Willett lost in 3 games to Kyron Smith, 37 points to 47 points.  Ashton Smith lost in 3 games to Frankie Goodall, 26 points to 45 points.

Emus v Bulldogs

The Emus beat the Bulldogs 135 points to 124 points. The 1’s didn’t play. Tony Doughty forfeited to Jane Bromwich. Ange Grantham won on a forfeit from Fiona Grigg. Michelle Walsh forfeited to Sam Green. Blake Green won on a forfeit from Jamie Warner. Frankie Goodall reserved for Bella Green and beat Jarred Huggins in 3 games 45 points to 34 points.