Council keeps watchful eye on parking dispute

By Liam Nash

Moira Shire Council is set to monitor the on-street parking situation on Campbell Rd, Cobram, and consider the implementation of restrictions, should parking increase.

At a council meeting last month, the council resolved to keep an eye on the situation, following the tabling of a petition at the August meeting.

According to the council’s meeting agenda, the tabled petition requested, ‘‘to get Campbell Rd to be turned back into residential parking and not a car park for workers and contractors’’ of a nearby development.

The meeting minutes explained that building and construction works were being done at Ottrey Homes and the main off-street car park was closed for a time with staff and contractors having little option but to park on Campbell Rd.

‘‘The main car park at Ottrey Homes has now reopened, which has reduced the parking congestion in Campbell Rd around the site,’’ the council report continued.

"Following September’s council meeting, council has noted its continual monitoring of the on-street parking on Campbell Rd around Ottrey Homes and has considered the implementation of parking restrictions should the on-street parking increase.”

“Council will continue to monitor the on-street parking activity and we may consider parking restrictions but we also want everyone to know that parking restrictions tend to create churn so this particular option may not achieve the desired outcome,” construction and assets manager Graham Henderson said.

Mr Henderson made note that the on-street parking and traffic would reduce further once the overall project works were complete in June 2020, advising the public to remain cautious when travelling in the area.

“We welcome the local community raising their concerns and providing an opportunity for council as well as Ottrey Homes and their contractors to be aware of the issues and consider options to minimise the impact while the works are underway.”