Premiership glory continues to drive Skilbeck

By Meg Saultry

For Amelia Skilbeck, the feeling of winning a premiership is what playing netball is all about.

Having won a few flags in her time with Goorambat in the Benalla and District league, it’s those experiences that continue to push Skilbeck as player and coach of the Bats A-grade team in the Ovens and King League. 

Goorambat back on track and courts

But it's also the love of the game, a game in which she's been playing since she was 15-years-old. that keeps Skilbeck coming back for more.

“I put everything in to netball, I love it so much,” Skilbeck said.

“I love the fitness and team atmosphere when you go out with a great team around you who are all striving for each other.

“So I make sure I perform on court as an individual, while the team also helps me look good.”

As a 300-game plus veteran for the Bats, Skilbeck continued to bring in the accolades in 2019, named in the interleague team as well as centre in the league's A-grade team of the year. 

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She was also awarded the MVP Netball Person of the Year at the Bats’ season-ending presentation night.

Despite her individual successes, Skilbeck's competitive spirit means she's still not content with her season many others would consider stellar.

“I’m always looking to lift my game play, and keep pushing to that next level,” she said.

“That is why I love playing interleague and learning from new and different players.”

And it's why Skilbeck admittedly ‘lives and breathes’ netball.

“I do a lot of online study and have joined a few online netball pages. I take away a lot from that, like new drills to do,” she said.

“I guess I do live and breathe netball – I watch about every ANZ game I can. It’s just watching and learning and trying to implement.” 

Ovens and King 2020 fixture released

With Goorambat's 2020 campaign just around the corner, the team will face a trial by fire in their first game of the season.

Up against last year's premiers Greta, Skilbeck said the match would ‘definitely’ be a litmus test of the Bats’ premiership credentials.

“If there is any team to play to know where you’re at, it's Greta,” she said.

“In one way it could be a disadvantage, but the advantage is you take away a lot from that game to work on.

“We're looking very positive though, both on and off the courts, and we're definitely looking to make finals this year.”

• Amelia Skilbeck is nominated for the Benalla Bus Lines Female Sportstar.