Bears strike with 57-point victory

By Yarrawonga Chronicle


Tungamah 7.4 11.7 13.10 19.17 131

Finley 3.6 6.8 9.10 10.14 74

GOALS: Tungamah: Nick Lawless 7, Timothy Cooper 4, Terence Jones 2, Kade Rowe 2, James Reilly 1, Christopher Powell 1, Jeremy O’Brien 1, Duane Haebich 1. Finley: Jasper Brain 3, Luke Moore 2, Nicholas Burns 2, Levi Middleton 2, Robb Jewell 1.

BEST: Tungamah: Christopher Powell, Travis Hayes, Terence Jones, Nick Lawless, Kade Rowe, Corey Bourke. Finley: Levi Middleton, Luke Moore, Jasper Brain, Robb Jewell, Lachlan Hawkins, Tom Doyle.

After last week’s match was called off and Tungamah went down by one of the shortest of margins, the Bears brought the lightning on the field this week, defeating Finley by 57 points. 

This week the Bears had better conditions to play in at the Bear Pit compared to what they encountered last week. 

Right from the first bounce the boys were on, playing the brand of football that they know can win them games and be more than competitive in the Murray League.
Finally, the forwards were kicking straight especially Nick Lawless kicking 7 goals, the mids getting first use of the footy and the backs clearly on top was the reason the Bears played their best 4 quarter game for the year and still alive to make the final 8.
Awards: Pelican Award - Will Sharp, St James Hotel - James Reilly, Crusty Loaf - Oscar Willis, Tungamah Hotel - Dylan Scott.


Tungamah 14.5.89 defeated Finley 9.6.60

Tungamah sitting 8th on the ladder and Finley two points ahead in 7th, this was a must win game for the boys to keep in touch with the top eight. 

The players came out in the first quarter and really played with desperation and a will to win the contest. 

Angus again gave the onballers first use in the middle where Jacob Sampson, who again had the ball on the string Richo and Shane Thomson who were getting plenty of the ball. 

Jack Clarke despite his size time and time again put his body on the line and won numerous possessions resulted in Tunga kicking 5 goals to 1 in the first quarter, which showed that the boys were here to play. 

Along with veteran Luke Buerckner, who had a great game, Benny Beaton ran hard all over the ground kicking three for the game. 

Whykes, Griffen, Gamble and Buerckner, down back were repelling plenty of the football. 

Finley hit back in the second and third quater, many times challenging the Bears and getting within a goal several times. 

To the sides credit they dug deep and won the hard ball over the ground to come away with a great win. 

Again the Bears had four thirds players playing and really having an input when they had their chance, Goldman, Bate, Griffen and Kruse showing that they can step up and give their everything which is great to see for the future of the club. 
Awards: Pelican Hotel - Jacob Sampson, One Zach - Ben Beaton, Crusty Loaf - Jack Clarke.

GOALS: Tungamah: Adam Dodd 6, Benjamin Beaton 3, Shane Thomson 1, Jacob Sampson 1, Jarryd Ash 1, Hayden Kelly 1, Alan Richardson 1.

Finley: Edward Haynes 2, Kial Crowe 2, Joshua Patterson 2, Scott Jewell 1, Jesse McDonald 1, Phillip Leatham 1.

BEST: Tungamah: Jacob Sampson, Benjamin Beaton, Jack Clarke, Alan Richardson, Daniel Whykes, Ben Griffin.

Finley: Spencer Hawkins, Joshua Allan, David Conrick, Kial Crowe, Scott Jewell, Ryan Donkin.


Tungamah 3.0.18
defeated by Finley 18.19.127

The boys knew they would have their work cut out coming up against another top 8 side. 

The Bears managed to scrape together a team again with the help of the fourths. 

All of the older boys stepped up and played really well. Again, the score didn’t reflect how well the team played. 

If the boys keep at it another win will come.

Awards:  Beaton awards - Tom Lidgerwood and Mitch Goldman, Wingates - Ned Connell, Subway -Dylan Sidebottom and Ben Griffin, Crusty loaf - Oscar Willis.

GOALS: Tungamah: Tom Lidgerwood 2, Brock Bate 1.

Finley: Nicholas Gray 5, Shadeau Brain 4, Aidan Fennell 2, Archibald Mason 1, Jalen Ogilvie 1, Edward Haynes 1, Matthew Peacock 1, Bailey Coombs 1, Lachlan Osborne 1, Jai Armstrong 1.

BEST: Tungamah: Tom Lidgerwood, Mitch Goldman, Ned Connell, Dylan Sidebottom, Ben Griffin, Oscar Willis.

Finley: Matthew Peacock, Lachlan Osborne, Jalen Ogilvie, Nicholas Gray, Aidan Fennell, Levi Webster.


Tungamah 0.0.0 defeated by Finley 18.16.124.

The fourths gave it their all on the weekend. Harvey played another good all-round game, well supported by Sam. 

Jayden played a great game taking some strong marks. Darcy and Jackson played a great game in the backline using their strength to their advantage. 

The younger brigade played some good footy, with Billie showing some courage to come back on after getting hurt.
Awards: YMGR - Harvey Thompson, Subway - Billie Doyle, Crusty Loaf - Darcey Hicks, McDonalds - Jackson Purtell, Ricky D’s - Jayden Arnold.

GOALS: Finley: Jack Hay 4, Jonty King 3, Harrison King 3, Liam Rafferty 2, Harry Boyd 2, George Koschel 1, Kohan Joseph 1, Harvey Sneddon 1, Jacob Armer 1.

BEST: Tungamah: Harvey Thomson, Darcy Hicks, Jayden Arnold, Billy Doyle, Jackson Purtell, Sam Adkins.

Finley: Harry Boyd, Harvey Sneddon, Jack Koschel, James McNamara, Isaac Lunn, George Koschel.