My Pet - Goose from Tatura

By Madeleine Caccianiga

The duck named Goose who thinks she’s a dog has made quite a name for herself at the Tatura Cabin and Caravan Park in Tatura.

Tatura couple Tammy-Maree Russell and Arie Carrasco brought home the muscovy duck in November last year after heading out in search of chickens.

‘‘When we got there the guy said he didn’t have any hens but he had a rooster, I didn’t think the neighbours would have been happy with a rooster, so I said what about the ducks — he said well you can have the white one I don’t really want her and that was Goose,’’ Ms Russell said.

She said the name Goose stuck because muscovy ducks look like geese.

‘‘And she is a bit of a goose,’’ Ms Russell said.

Goose was several months old when she was brought back to the caravan park to live.

‘‘She was a bit snappy and vicious at first, so I had to bribe her with lettuce to come near us and after a few months she just became super friendly — if we picked her up she wouldn’t bite, so we started hugging her a lot and now she’ll come up to us for a hug,’’ Ms Russell said.

Goose became quite fond of the couple’s adopted dog, Leo and cat, Dussa.

‘‘She likes to go for walks over the oval when it’s not too hot and she follows our Jack Russell Leo around and then when they’ve had enough she’ll follow him home,’’ Ms Russell said.

‘‘She chases all the cats in the caravan park, but she’s befriended our cat Dussa.’’

In true guard dog fashion Goose alerts the couple of strangers to the park.

‘‘She gets a bit protective and she’s got different calls for everyone — if someone she hasn’t met before is coming around we know because she makes a different noise,’’ Ms Russell said.

With the neighbours’ approval of Goose, Ms Russell shares her eggs with the park.

‘‘The neighbours love her, they all feed her and I haven’t been able to cook up any of her eggs yet, everyone wants them, so we’re always giving them away,’’ she said.

Thankfully the park allows pets as Ms Russell said she could not imagine life without her feathered friend.

‘‘I actually think she’s the best pet,’’ she said.