Game of kings at GV schools

By Ashlea Witoslawski

It was a royal affair at Katandra West Primary School yesterday as kings and queens took part in the annual chess tournament.

The event included students from Years 1 to 6 from Congupna Primary School, Katandra West Primary School, Lemnos Primary School, Shepparton East Primary School and Tallygaroopna Primary School.

All students were representatives of their school’s chess clubs, and took part in special training in the lead-up to the event.

Playing seven games throughout the day, each student was ranked on their wins, creating a positive environment where students played others of a similar skill level.

Chess Kids co-ordinator Tim Broome said the event was a great educational experience for the students.

‘‘The goal is to have fun and give the kids a chance to improve their skills,’’ Mr Broome said.

School network teacher Robyn Woolley first organised the event last year, when her son took a keen interest in chess.

She met Mr Broome and saw a great opportunity for students in the area.

‘‘It teaches the students a lot of skills and gives students the chance to compete in an interschool competition other than sport,’’ Ms Woolley said.

‘‘The students learn resilience, logic, reasoning, critical thinking, determination and persistence.

‘‘It also gives them a great opportunity to practise.’’

Shepparton East Primary School won the overall competition, Katandra West Primary School placed second and Congupna Primary School finished in third position.

The top three individual competitors were Jack Ferguson, 12, Lee McCrindle, 11, and Jordan Dreher, 12, all from Shepparton East Primary School.