Star studded celebrities pull a crowd for Worksafe game

By McIvor Times

SUNDAY’S Worksafe Game of the Month proved to be a great day for all involved and allowed the Heathcote Fottball Netball Club to showcase itself and the broader community.

The club would like to thank Worksafe and Colbinabbin for making the day a great one for football and netball.

The only thing that was outside our control was the weather — and much of the senior game was played in drizzling and overcast conditions.

A slippery ball and slick ground made it difficult for both sides to play attractive football but nonetheless there were many passages of play that had the crowd roaring.

From the first bounce Colbinabbin knew it was in for a tough contest as the Heathcote on-ballers were tackling ferociously at every point. In fact, both teams dished out some bone-rattling tackles as the contests around the ball were not for the fainthearted.

Colbinabbin demonstrated that, given the opportunity to spread and run, Heathcote would have their work cut out for it as the Hoppers kicked four goals in the first term.

A highlight for the Saints was the 50m goal from the boundary on the pavilion side by James Baker, and the team celebrated it in fine style.

A tight and tough second term saw Heathcote outscore Colbinabbin by a point and at half-time there were only two goals in the match.

Dylan Robinson was using his experience and strength around the packs for the Saints and Louis Piccolo was back to his desperate best after returning from injury.

Colbinabbin was continually pushing the ball forward but the Heathcote defence was equal to the task with Brayden Klemke and Ben Connelly frustrating their opponents. Their ability to turn defence into attack also gave the visitors some headaches as the ball was moved swiftly to the Saints goal.

When the teams returned to the field after half time most Saints supporters were nervous about what would happen as some of the third terms of late have been terrible. But the Saints were focused and continued their desperate and hard work from the first half and Colbinabbin had to keep looking for chinks in the defence.

The Hoppers did in fact gain an advantage in this term as their running game began to create opportunities for goal, but the Saints kept attacking themselves.

Tom Pain was working hard in and around the packs where the bigger bodies of Colbinabbin was beginning to take its toll.

Jordan Marcroft once again played a tremendous game with the young colt doing everything in his power to give his on-ballers use of the ball.

At the final break the visitors had extended their lead out to 23 points and they were looking more likely to score.

Early in the fourth they put the foot down and soon had their lead at six goals, but in a promising sign for coach Wayne Primmer the Saints kept attacking, and in an entertaining last term there were eight goals kicked by both teams.

The final margin of 39 points was indicative of the difference of where both teams are at this stage of the season.

Colbinabbin were able to use their experience and skills to move the ball around and at times sweep from end to end.

Heathcote, on the other hand, often made basic errors in skill or judgement that would derail a forward move.

What is good is these can be worked on, it is the endeavour that should make all supporters back them.