Stunning meteor sighting

By Southern Riverina News

Local residents have been buzzing about the news of a meteorite that lit up the sky on Friday night, which appears to have been spotted by a few lucky people.

Australian Meteor Reports Facebook page administrator David Finlay said the meteor was spotted about 9pm and he believes it had gone to ground somewhere in Victoria.

‘‘At 8.51pm tonight (Friday) the state of Victoria got hit by something big. Really big. Something from space,’’ he wrote.

‘‘I have reports of sonics from Forest Hill (Melbourne) to Mallacoota, Vic. That’s a distance of 400km. I’ve never heard of sonics being reported so far apart.

‘‘Reports (of sightings) are coming in from as far north as Sydney and Orange. From these reports, and as long as this object was over land and not the ocean, I’m already predicting there are now meteorites on the ground somewhere in Victoria from this fall.’’

Mr Finlay told the Southern Riverina News he estimates the meteor entered the atmosphere between Eden and Merimbula on the NSW far south coast.

‘‘It was heading directly towards Melbourne. If it had kept going it would have virtually hit the Melbourne CBD,’’ he said.

‘‘Fortunately though, it dropped short. We think the area around Buchan Valley is where a lot of them will have fallen.’’