Thoughtless vandals target parked cars

By Riverine Herald

RESIDENTS have been left reeling after cars in multiple streets around Echuca were vandalised on the weekend.

Vehicles on Rutley Crescent, Campaspe Esplanade, Stokes and Haverfield streets were sprayed with pink and blue spraypaint overnight Friday.

Leah Marie said her and her brother’s cars parked in Rutley Crescent were sprayed with fluro pink paint from boot to bonnet.

‘‘I think we were very lucky it was a frosty and dewy night as the paint came off after a bit of muscle power,’’ she said.

‘‘We also had to help our neighbour with his vehicle that was in the sun and the paint was baking on. With the effort of three people scrubbing, we had to resort to cut and polish to remove the paint.’’

Leah has only had her car for a couple of months and said she was now paranoid to leave it parked on the street.

‘‘Unfortunately I have no other choice as my parents park their two cars in the driveway and there is nowhere else for my brother and I to park,’’ she said.

‘‘It’s just disgusting to think people have nothing better to do than destroy other people’s belongings with no thought of the consequences.’’

Other residents took to Facebook to air their frustrations.

A resident in one of the affected streets wrote ‘‘thankfully ours are okay but many in the street aren’t. So frustrating, just don’t know what they get out of doing this’’.

A woman said ‘‘Maybe we need to bring back Neighbourhood Watch into our town. Keeps everyone on the look-out for this type of disrespect for other people’s property’’, while another wrote: ‘‘This saddens me to wake up to these disappointing events. The hurt is totally avoidable and unnecessary’’.

Police are appealing for anyone with information to contact Echuca police on 54831500, or Crime Stoppers on 1800333000.