Second quarter lapse leads to Blighty loss

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Blighty’s A grade moved to 0-5 to start the Picola & District League season after a 33 goal loss to Katamatite on Saturday

The Redeyes started well and we were right in the game after the first quarter, however a lapse in intensity in the second term allowed Katamatite to take control, with the Tigers continuing to increase their lead at each break on their home courts.

Natalie Tremble and Alana Coates both played tirelessly all game and created many turnovers.

Zoe Stephens played well in attack, making hard leads and re-offering.

There were some very good passages of play that Blighty have been stringing together, but the Redeyes need to continue to work on connections and defensive pressure.

Final score, Katamatite 55 to Blighty 22.

Awards: Natalie Tremble, Alana Coates and Zoe Stephens.

Blighty’s B grade recorded an outstanding win, downing the Tigers by 38 goals.

Alexandria Barry had her best game for the season. Her movement in the ring was unreal and her shooting was super accurate.

Stephanie Barry, in the first half, and Gabby Clarke, in the second, also shot well.

Correne Cooper and Theodora Miaoudis again dominated in the midcourt like they’ve played together for years.

Judy Plattfuss, Kristeen Culton and Ebony Behsmann were all strong in defence making the Katamatite girls work hard for every goal all day.

Final score, Blighty 56 to Katamatite 18.

Awards: Blighty Hotel - Alexandria Barry; Canteen Voucher - Correne Cooper; Chocolate - Gabby Clarke.

The C grade Redeyes were unable to overcome the Tigers, suffering a seven goal loss on Saturday.

Accurate shooting and great combining from the shooters, Temeka MacDonald and Gemma Plattfuss, was a highlight for Blighty.

There was great feeding from Lauren Butcher, with the defenders working tirelessly with a never die attitude.

Final score, Katamtite 46 to Blighty 39.

Awards: Emma Barker, Storm Birks and Lauren Butcher.

Blighty’s C reserve had a strong 19 goal win.

The highlight was beautiful shooting by Penny Gallpen and Callie Learmonth, with the latter particularly impressive after playing in defence for the majority of her netballing career.

Final score, Blighty 47 to Katamatite 28.

Awards: $25 - Callie Learmonth; Chocolate - Lou Hanmer; Bag - Penny Gallpen.

The Under 15s Redeyes recovered from a slow start to record a 12 goal win.

Blighty lifted in the second half with defence from Shelby Hislop and Sophie Murray spot on.

The defensive duo had many turnovers and rebounds getting the ball down the court to some outstanding shooting by Isabelle McIlwain and Ellie Caruso.

Final score, Blighty 38 to Katamatite 24.

Awards: Finley Bakery - Isabelle McIlwain; Canteen voucher - Shelby Hislop; IGA - Ellie Caruso; drink bottle - Sophie Murray.

It was another triumphant win for the undefeated U13s Redeyes, finishing the day 42 goals in front of the Tigers.

Blighty came out firing and their hard work and endless effort showed through their great win.

Final score, Blighty 44 to Katamatite 2.

Awards: Jasmyn McKenzie, Erica Nicholls, Stevie Bateman, Jessica Hanmer and Lily Westcott.

A fantastic effort was displayed by Blighty’s U11s.

The Redeyes showcased good communication and calling for the ball. Each week Blighty are working better as a team.

Awards: Canteen voucher - Shaniqua; drink bottle - Jenna Munro; towel - Samara Watson; Juice/Mars Bar - Kyah Watson; Quality Meats - Angus Waters.

Blighty’s Club Person of the Day went to Melissa Westcott.