Div. One claim upset win

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Deniliquin Bowling Club’s Division One side have kept their Campaspe Valley Bowls Division finals hopes alive with an upset win over second placed Echuca by the slimmest of margins on Saturday.

Deni managed only the one rink win on their home green but it was enough to secure the overall victory by one shot, with the final margin being 69 to 68 in favour of the home side.

Simon Chisholm (s), Stefan Truelsen, Stuart Treble and David Hessell were unable to overcome their opponents, going down 25 to 18.

Jamie Shields, John Flisher, Lindsay Franklin and Robert Morris made up for the loss with a strong win of their own, 29 to 20.

A last ditch effort by Shane Laing (s), Peter Chadderton, Linda Harris and Tony Scoullar saw the home side record an overall victory.

Trailing by three shots overall, and down by five shots for their rink, the quartet managed to finish their final end with a ‘four’ to bring their final margin back to a 23 to 22 loss, which was enough to record the overall victory.

With two rounds remaining, Deni sit fifth on the ladder. They will host Rochester in a must-win game on Saturday.

Division Two’s finals hopes had a major setback, following an 18 shot loss against Echuca on Saturday.

Deni only managed one rink win for the day in the 80 to 62 loss at Echuca.

Keith Plattfuss (s), Lee Hillier, Mark Tasker and Toni Brooksby were the only shining light for Deni, finishing with a 26 to 24 win.

Lloyd Richie (s), Joanne Bovell, Steven King and Graham Nisbet had a tough day on the greens with a 33 to 19 loss, while Paul Snare (s), Steven O’Brien, Harry Lea and Bill Young were beaten 23 to 17.

Deni, who sit fifth on the ladder, will play in what is essentially an elimination final when they travel to play sixth placed Rich River on Saturday.

Division Three were unable to overcome ladder leader Rochester when on the road, going down on all three rinks in a 75 to 63 loss.

David Seymour (s), Graeme Dedman, Ray Anderson and Danny Stanmore were the best performers in a 22 to 21 loss, while Tom Todd (s), Col Knuckey, Maxine Norton and Tony King also had a tight battle, going down 24 to 22.

Russell Douglas (s), Tony Danckert, Raymond Hay and Michael Donohue were no match for their opponents, suffering a 29 to 20 loss.

Despite the loss, Deni holds on to fourth spot on the ladder and are in a great position to cement their spot in finals with a clash against seventh placed Rich River at home this Saturday.

The Division Five side suffered a heavy loss against second placed Moama Red, going down 56 to 28 on their home greens.

Alan Hardcastle (s), Clarrie Cameron, Keith Hay and Ian Chessells were beaten 22 to 15, while Kevin Keane (s), Caryn Hillier, Barry Seignior and Tony Smith were on the wrong end of a 34 to 13 margin.

Deni remain a slim finals chance in the race for fourth spot, sitting sixth on the ladder with the same number of wins as fourth placed Echuca.

Division Five will travel to face fifth placed Elmore in a must-win game on Saturday.