Desperate need for homes

By Benalla Ensign

RSPCA Wangaratta has 45 cats and 67 kittens that are in desperate need of a forever home, and until May 31 there will be no fee to adopt a cat and only $50 to adopt a kitten.

The ‘‘no fees for felines’’ campaign has been extended across the state in response to more than 1500 cats in care who will be in urgent need of homes.

The extension follows a successful month-long campaign, which has seen 935 cats and kittens find their forever homes.

However, RSPCA locations around the state are continuing to feel the pressure with new cats and kittens coming through the doors every day.

‘‘Historically these types of campaigns help us rehome the 10000 cats we receive annually. But this year we’re being inundated and just can’t keep up with the demand,” RSPCA Victoria head of operations Tegan McPherson said.

‘‘Cats typically breed during the warmer months. After a very hot, dry summer the kitten season is lasting a lot longer than usual.

‘‘It’s created a real cat problem for us and many other animal welfare organisations.

‘‘The ‘no fees for felines’ campaign has been successful so far.

‘‘We want to keep the momentum going throughout May to counteract the impacts of kitten season on our locations across Victoria.

‘‘These often-misunderstood animals make playful and affectionate pets, and great companions for life.

‘‘By extending the campaign we are giving more people the opportunity to bring a cat into their family and experience the joy that comes with it.’’

Reducing adoption fees helps prompt people who are considering cat adoption and encourages them to make that final decision.

All normal adoption processes apply during the ‘‘no fees for felines’’ period.

In addition, anyone who adopts an animal during the campaign will be eligible to receive a 20 per cent discount off full-priced products.

‘‘By making the adoption process more attractive we are encouraging people to adopt from animal welfare organisations like RSPCA Victoria, where all cats and kittens are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and vet-checked ensuring they are ready for their forever homes,’’ Ms McPherson said.

‘‘Our regular adoption price only covers a fraction of the cost to prepare an animal for adoption.

‘‘The reduced fees are really about finding responsible, caring homes for as many cats as possible.

‘‘Hopefully the extension will maintain the great result we’ve seen so far and will reduce the pressure on our regional locations.

‘‘In turn, the promotion will secure more forever homes for many of the cats in our care.’’