Donation for hospital

By David Rak

Barrabill House residents are set to benefit from the generosity of the Seymour Dance Club and the district community following a donation to the health service at the recent Seymour Health annual general meeting.

Seymour Dance Club members Lyn Waters and Lois McMaster presented Seymour Health chief executive Chis McDonnell with a cheque for $5000 from the club’s annual raffle.

The Seymour Dance Club has been a big supporter of the health service for many years, with donations totalling more than $37 750 since 2013.

Seymour Health will put the funds towards the purchase of new form technology for Barrabill House residents, particularly those with dementia.

This technology is called “The Virtual Forest”. The Virtual Forest uses gaming technology to create a sensory experience, using a large interactive screen, and is designed to immerse the user in a peaceful and enjoyable virtual environment for people living with dementia.

The Virtual Forest creates a beautiful nature setting which is calming as well as engaging and enjoyable. It presents an expansive park-like setting, with colourful flowers, trees and a river with a bridge. The seasons can change with a clap of the hands.

Mr McDonnell said he believed the addition of this technology to Barrabill House would be a very useful tool in assisting residents living with dementia, giving them back some control in their lives.

“The total cost is around $10 000 and this years’ donation from the Seymour Dance Club will now enable us to purchase this new innovative technology and offer an enhanced experience for our residents,” he said.

Seymour Health expressed appreciation for the ongoing support of the club and asked that thanks be communicated to all members for the significant amount of effort and community support.

For more information, phone Mr McDonnell on 5793 6100.