Tactical brilliance steals win from keen field

By Seymour Telegraph

Jeff Hibberd showed his tactical class at the weekend with a brilliantly staged victory at the Glenaroua Fire Station in glorious weather.

On Saturday the riders faced 39km handicap in three laps of the schoolhouse circuit.

There were five bunches with 15minutes separating the field from front to back.

And it was the 15-minute group that decided to do some serious damage from the get-go.

Hibberd, Kevin Bartlett and Adam Inness really pushed the big gears as they caught the field with an unexpected fast first lap.

It was enough to open a time gap that would hold to the very end — just.

But there’s no gain without pain and the early pressure saw Inness struggle to go the pace and he was dropped back and then passed by Shepparton’s Rene Mol who had overcome part of his three-minute differential.

Mol did an outstanding ride going solo for much of the day after losing his wingman Glenn Christensen early in the race.

By the third lap the 3.30min and 7min groups had combined with Kirby, Bender, Baker, Thomo, Tawney and Jacobs realising strength in numbers helped them stay away from the scratch duo of Sam Fuhrmeister and Brodie Sims.

What they didn’t know was Sims had been left in a solo chase after Fuhrmesiter’s lack of fitness saw him disappear early on.

As they hit the Schoolhouse hill for the last time Hibberd and Bartlett still held 2.30min advantage from the main group, which was about to be broken up by young Nicolas Tawney, who showed strong form pushing the pace uphill.

Hibberd could see the chasers closing fast but with his competitive spirit and new heart gave his all, leaving his mate Bartlett in his dust and pushed it home for yet another brilliantly timed victory.

Close behind Michael Thomson showing his determination sprinting to second place ahead of young gun Tawney.

Well done all for a great day’s race.


1st: Jeff Hibberd (15min)

2nd: Michael Thomson (3.30min)

3rd: Nicolas Tawney (3.30min)

4th: Kevin Bartlett (15min)

5th: Glenn Jacobs (3.30min)

6th: Brett Bender (7min)

7th: Rene Mol (12min)

8th: Shayne Kirby (7min)

9th: Brodie Sims and F/T 1h2m53s, Ave 37.2km/h

10th: Adam Inness (15min)

This week the annual George Borham Memorial Road Race will be held at Burgess Signs in Seymour on Saturday at 1pm.

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